Monday, 5.12.2022

  • Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) meeting
    • Reporting back to committee on the conclusions of the trilogue on laying down rules for the exercise of the Union’s rights in the implementation and enforcement of the TCA and Withdrawal Agreement
  • ECON-ENVI Joint Committee meeting


Tuesday, 6.12.2022

  • EPP Working Group Economy and Environment
  • EPP Working Group Legal and Home Affairs
  • EPP Working Group External Policies
  • EPRS Roundtable “The Euro at 20: The Importance of the Euro in the Global Economy
  • TPN Board Meeting
  • EPP Group Meeting


Wednesday, 7.12.2022

  • Meeting with the founders of Podkarpacka Rada Programowa Kobiet and the members of Podkarpacki Kongres Kobiet
  • Meeting wich Czech Presidency on MiFiR


Thursday, 8.12.2022

  • Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) meeting
  • CEPS Board Meeting
  • European Parliament’s Delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Partnership Assembly (D-UK) meeting
  • Committee on International Trade (INTA) meeting
    • Conclusion of the third EU-US Trade and Technology Council Principles meeting