Monday, 4 April

  • EPP Group meeting
  • Beginning of the Plenary


Tuesday, 5 April

  • First voting session
  • Interview for Leadership PolicyCall – impact of President Putin’s agenda and prospects for stability
  • Second voting session
  • EPP Group meeting
  • Meeting with ICI Global


Wednesday, 6.April

  • Participation to the Key Debate in Plenary on the conclusions of the European Council meeting of 24-25 March 2022: including the latest developments of the war against Ukraine and the EU sanctions against Russia and their implementation
  • Voting session
  • Meeting of the Parliamentary Conference on the World Trade Organization Steering Group
  • Meeting of the EP Delegation for relations with the United States
  • EPP Group meeting


Thursday, 7 April

  • Breakfast with the Association Parlementaire Européenne
  • EPP INTA Prep meeting
  • Voting session