Monday, 27.03.2023

  • Public Hearing on Energy derivatives markets, oversight challenges related to market integrity and financial stability risks
  • ECON-LIBE Prep meeting
  • Bloomberg Dinner with Commissioner McGuinness – Bloomberg Women in Finance Initiative

Tuesday, 28.03.2023

  • Breakfast meeting with MEP Marek Belka on payments solutions
  • ECON Committee meeting
  • Advisory Committee meeting
  • ECON-LIBE joint meeting involving votes on the AML package
    • Votes
  • Meeting with Eurex (Deutsche Borse) CEO Erik Tim Müller
  • FISC Committee meeting
  • EACH CCP Clearing CEO Summit 2023
  • EPP ECON Dinner with Commissioner McGuinness

Wednesday, 29.03.2023

  • Plenary Part-Session
  • EPP Meeting on anti-corruption
  • EPP WG Economy and Environment
  • EPP WG Legal and Home Affairs
  • EPP Group Meeting
  • Meeting with representatives from the Mission of Gibraltar
  • Meeting with a study group
  • Network PL meeting

Thursday, 30.03.2023

  • Plenary Part-Session
    • Votes
  • Meeting with a representative from the Bank of England
  • Reducing EU regulatory burdens on SMEs