Tuesday, 28.02.2023

  • AFCO Committee Meeting
  • CEPS Ideas Lab
  • CEPS Board Meeting
  • Advisory Committee
  • UK Contact Group meeting
  • EFM Board Meeting
  • EPP ECON EoV with Dombrovskis on macroeconomic governance
  • TPN Meeting: Fireproofing the EU-US Relationship
  • CEPS 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Wednesday, 1.03.2023

  • CEPS Ideas Lab
  • INTA Committee Meeting
    • Exchange of views with Angela Ellard, Deputy Director of the World Trade Organization
    • Exchange of views on the Commission’s proposal “A Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age”
    • Voting on tariff rate quotas for the US due to Brexit
  • ECON Committee Meeting
    • Voting on MiFIR

Thursday, 2.03.2023

  • INTA Committee Meeting
  • Strategic Forum Poland in the EU: EU-US trade dispute (Batory Foundation)

Friday, 3.03.2023

  • IV UEF Spain Congress in Bilbao – Panel on “The federalist agenda after the Conference on the Future of Europe”

Saturday, 4.03.2023

  • IV UEF Spain Congress in Bilbao