Monday, 26.06.2023

  • D-UK meeting
  • INTA Committee meeting
  • INTA Monitoring Group on the USA

Tuesday, 27.06.2023

  • INTA Committee meeting
    • Public hearing on the EU-New Zealand FTA
    • INTA Vote
    • Exchange of views with EVPs Vestager & Dombrovskis
    • Exchange of views with Denis Redonnet
    • Exchange of views on the implementation of the TSD chapters
  • EPP ECON Preparatory meeting
  • Pre-EU-UK PPA reception with D-UK Members

Wednesday, 28.06.2023

  • AFCO Committee meeting
  • ECON Committee meeting
    • EU-UK MoU on FS – Exchange of views with the Commission
    • Presentation of EMIR draft report
    • Public Hearing with Andrea Enria
    • ECON Vote
  • BUDG-ECON Committee meeting
    • Exchange of views with Elena Flores, Chair of InvestEU Steering Board

Thursday, 29.06.2023

  • ECON Committee meeting
  • EPP ECON Extraordinary Preparatory Meeting with Pascal Donohoe, Eurogroup President
  • MiFIR Trilogue