Monday, 23.10.2023

  • INTA Committee Meeting
  • ECON Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 24.10.2023

  • INTA Committee Meeting
    • Votes
    • Exchange of Views with Mathias Cormann
    • Public hearing on European Economic Security
  • AFET-INTA Joint Committee Meeting
    • Exchange of Views on enlargement report
  • ECON Committee Meeting
    • Votes
  • ECON-FEMM hearing on “Women in Economics and Finance: Debate on next challenges in the EU”
  • Martens Centre Transatlantic Think Tank Conference: “Is it Time to Create a New Bretton Woods System?”

Wednesday, 25.10.2023

  • AFCO Committee
  • INTA Monitoring Group ASEAN
  • INTA Monitoring Group on China
  • AFCO Committee Meeting & Interparliamentary Committee Meeting

Thursday, 26.10.2023

  • Bloomberg Women in Finance initiative – Mentoring session with Polish students
  • INTA UCC Technical Briefing
  • Meeting U.S. State Department Public Diplomacy Officer Alexander Vagg