Monday, 17.07.2023

  • Joint LIBE-AFCO committee meeting

Tuesday, 18.07.2023

  • ECON Committee meeting
    • ECON EoV with Dombrovskis on IRA
    • ECON EoV with COM on EU-UK MoU on FS
  • Joint INTA-AFET committee meeting
  • In-camera meeting with SRB Chair Dominique Laboureix on CMDI
  • Meeting with DG FISMA Director John Berrigan

Wednesday, 19.07.2023

  • INTA Committee meeting
    • Presentation of the opening of negotiations of the EU-US Critical Minerals Agreement
    • Vote
  • AFCO Committee meeting

Friday, 21.07.2023

  • Meeting with CFTC representatives on clearing