Monday, 6.03.2023

  • TOK FM Interview
  • BUDG-ECON Committee meeting
    • Exchange of views on InvestEU

Tuesday, 7.03.2023

  • EPP WG Economy and Environment
  • EPP Legal and Home Affairs
  • EPP WG External Policies
  • Speaking at the TPN Virtual meeting on the IRA

Wednesday, 8.03.2023

  • EPP Group meeting
  • Meeting of Anti-corruption Intergroup with Metsola
  • Meeting with representatives of the Independent Monitoring Authority for the Citizens’ Rights Agreements on EU citizens’ rights in the UK
  • PCWTO Steering group meeting

Thursday, 9.03.2023

  • FIX EMEA Conference speech
  • INTA Monitoring Group on Multilateral Investment Court / Energy Charter Treaty
  • Meeting with Council Presidency on MiFIR/D Review