Monday, 14.11

  • Committee on International Trade (INTA) meeting
    • Voting
  • Chairing the Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) EU Steering Committee


Tuesday, 15.11

  • EPP Working Group Economy and Environment
  • EPP Working Group Legal and Home Affairs
  • EPP Working Group External Policies


Wednesday, 16.11

  • EPP Group meeting
  • First trilogue meeting AFCO/JOINT File
  • Participation at the Conference – “A way forward for citizens panels”


Thursday, 17.11

  • Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) meeting
    • Consideration of amendments on the MiFIR file
  • Participation to the AmEx Forum “The Shifting Sands of Transatlantic Relations”
  • Meeting with AMAFI on MiFIR
  • Meeting with Polish Vodka Association


Friday, 18.11

  • Keynote speech at Międzynarodowa Interdyscyplinarna Konferencja Naukowa pt. “(Nie)podzielona. Perspektywy współczesnej Europy”