Tuesday, 23.05.2023

  • INTA Meeting with EVPs Dombrovskis & Vestager
  • Parliamentary Committee on the WTO Steering Group meeting
  • Meeting with FIA delegation
  • Keynote speech on EMIR 3.0 at FIA Brussels Forum 2023

Wednesday, 24.05.2023

  • INTA committee meeting
    • Exchange of views with Sabine Weyand, Director General of DG TRADE
    • Public hearing with stakeholders on the EU-US Trade and Technology Council
  • Meeting with representative from the European Court of Auditors on the Foreign Direct Investment Screening regulation
  • Addressing the Accountability Gap: An International Anti-Corruption Court
  • AFCO committee meeting

Thursday, 25.05.2023

  • Meeting with KDPW CCP representative
  • Virtual seminar on good practices in the legislative process with Ukrainian Parliament
  • INTA committee meeting
    • Votes
  • AFCO committee meeting
  • ECON committee meeting
    • Votes
  • Meeting on EMIR 3.0 with French Ministry of Finance