EPRS Online Roundtable on “ The importance of the euro in the global economy”

Prof. Danuta Huebner will participate to an online roundtable organized by the European Parliamentary Research Service on ” The importance of the euro in the global economy”, as the Rapporteur on the European Parliament’s Resolution on ‘Strengthening the international role of the euro’ as well as a Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. The roundtable is part of a series of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the EU common currency, and will focus on the role and importance of the euro in the global economy, and in particular –  but not only – on the pros and cons of the euro for exporting businesses, the euro as a reserve currency and the impact for EU citizens, and free trade agreements and the euro. Drawing from her experience as an economists and a member of the European Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Committee on International Trade, in her remarks, Professor Huebner is expected to look back at what has happened since her Resolution on Strengthening the international role of the euro was adopted. She will also take stock of current economic and geopolitical events, and how they may impact on EU citizens and on the role of the euro in the global economy.


Tuesday 6 December 2022, 13.30-15.00



Reporting back to Committee following the conclusion of the trilogue on enforcement of EU-UK agreements measures

Following the end of the trilogue this week on enforcement of EU-UK agreements, Professor Danuta Hübner will present the inter-institutional agreement. This is a historic agreement on how to enforce breaches of the TCA and Withdrawal Agreement. The Commission was empowered with an effective crisis management tool to protect EU interests if the UK breaches its commitments under both Agreements. Importantly, Parliament’s scrutiny rights are fully upheld to play its role in the oversight of the implementation of the Agreements and of measures in case of UK breaches.


Monday, 5 December 2022

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